Agricultural Loan

loan facility intended for the acquisition of work, animals, agricultural products, farm equipment, construction of facilities for production, etc. It covers the entire complex of business activities related to production sales of agricultural products.

Commercial Loan

used to finance the working capital needs of the business and to finance the purchase of commodities or merchandise for resale

Industrial Loan

loan that provides funds for the purchase and processing of Raw materials and manufacture of goods, and marketing thereof.

Salary Loan

is a short term personal credit granted to qualified employees.

Microfinance Loan

is a product for micro-borrowers to help them expand their present business activity and increase their income. It focuses on microenterprises that generate daily or weekly sales on microenterprise operators who currently depend on loans from informal money lenders for working capital.

Other Loan

used to finance the acquisition of real estate properties, house construction or renovation, to cover placement fees, and for purposes other than agricultural, commercial, and industrial loans.